Choosing Between Pool Liners in Lebanon

A swimming pool needs to be constructed from a strong material that is capable of  retaining it’s shape while supporting the weight of large volumes of water. A steel walled in ground pool and all types of above ground pools use a liner to keep the water contained, while also providing a safe and comfortable surface for swimmers feet. At Goodall Pools and Spas, we carry all types of pool liners to suit your specific needs.

in ground pool liner lebanon

Understanding Pool Liner Basics

One of the main functions of a pool liners is that they will protect the structure of the pool. This is the aluminum or resin wall of an above ground swimming pool or the steel walls of an in ground pool. A proper liner will prevent the water from causing the wall to rust and deteriorate, saving you from expensive repairs. As you explore our list of available pool liners in Lebanon, there are a lot of things you need to consider to make sure you choose one that works for your pool.

Vinyl is the material used to make pool liners and first hit the market during the 1950’s. Today’s vinyl liners are extremely flexible and are able to be fitted into any shape or size pool. Vinyl liners roughly 20 mil thick are the most popular choice among pool owners because of how many benefits they offer. They are far less expensive to install than thicker alternatives and typically last just as long.

Choosing the Right Pool Liner

As you browse the available pool liners at our Lebanon store location or online, the first step is acquiring an accurate measurement of the pool in your yard. The shape and size of your in ground or above ground pool will play a role in what kind of pool liner patterns you have to choose from.

It is vital to keep in mind that a vinyl pool liner is not going to last forever. Just as concrete or gunite pools need to be resurfaced and painted a vinyl liner will need to be replaced. Keeping the liner clean and repairing small damages will make the liner last longer. A properly cared for liner can last for roughly ten years before you will need us to replace it with a new one for you.

Fore more information on the best pool liners in Camp Hill or Lebanon, give us a call today at (717) 270-0477. Let us help you find the perfect liner for your pool, providing you with valuable information to help you create the perfect pool for you and your family.