Pool Care

Goodall stores carry a full line of BioGuard products. All are color-coded to ease purchase, and our in-store experts are always on hand to help you choose the best sanitizers, enhancers, cleaners and more for your pool. Goodall Pools & Spas and Bioguard are committed to providing the most accurate and best pool care solutions available. As a BioGuard Platinum dealer, our store staff are subject to hours of yearly training to become certified pool and spa water care professionals.

With the cutting-edge water-testing tools ALEX® and Smart Lab® from BioGuard, you can rely on us for dependable, accurate and helpful information. This advanced testing equipment ensures that you receive the best advice on correcting water chemistry issues as well as maintaining your pool with a simple 3 step BioGuard pool care program. Your professional water test will provide a clear and concise step-by-step process for you to take home to help ensure your pool care success. We want you to truly love your pool!


Bring a water sample to any store location for a FREE professional water test to learn how to better care for your pool or spa. 


Algae Facts:

  • Seaweed is algae that grows in the ocean
  • There are over 7,000 species of Green Algae
  • Algae provides food for many different animals, including fish and insects
  • Algae produces 330 billions tons of oxygen each year. That equates to 70-80% of the world’s oxygen.
  • Algae can be used as a fertilizer to help other plants grow.
  • Dead algae that has not been filtered from a pool can become food for live algae
  • Some types of Algae are sold as nutritional supplements

What does Algae need to grow?

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Food

Where does Algae live and grow?

  • In water
  • Attached to things in water
  • On rocks or stones
  • In mud or sand
  • On some animals

Types of Algae:

  • Green Algae
  • This is the largest group of algae. Most live in fresh water
  • Red Algae
  • Some seaweed is actually red algae. They help build coral reefs in the ocean.
  • Brown Algae
  • Other types of seaweed are brown algae. They form underwater forests.

How to stop Algae growth:

  • Always maintain a proper chlorine residual
  • Use a maintenance algaecide
  • Shock once a week
  • Be sure the circulation/filtration is adequate
  • Brush, brush, brush

Prevention is the key to stop algae growth!

For more information on Algae prevention and FREE expert pool water analysis, please visit one of our store locations!

*information courtesy of Bioguard

®Why Do We Offer BioGuard?

BioGuard Pool Chemicals BioGuard offer professional, quality products that are the best solution for your pool and spa care needs. They include:

  • + Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Sanitizers
  • + Algae Killing and Preventative Algaecides
  • + Shock to Remove Contaminants
  • + Saltwater Pool Care Products
  • + Cleaning and Problem Solvers
  • + Water Balancers
  • + Water Enhancers

The 3-Step Pool Care System
They encourage the 3-Step Program approach to pool care. Simply put, it’s the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water.

Computerized Water Testing and Analysis
BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your pool today and we’ll give you a complete, personalized analysis for start-up, closing and maintenance. You’ll receive a print-out of the products you need along with instructions on how to apply them to your pool.

SaltScapes by BioGuard

BioGuard® SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System

SaltScapes by BioGuard
Saltwater pools are favored for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, but they do have some unique maintenance needs when compared to traditional chlorine pools. The SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you will need to keep your saltwater pool sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces.

SaltScapes pH Reducer SaltScapes pH Reducer
The process your cell generator uses to convert saltwater into chlorine contributes to higher water pH every time your cell runs. SaltScapes pH Reducer protects pool surfaces and equipment by lowering pH to the ideal range and is a safer option to store and handle than liquid muriatic acid.

SaltScapes Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer SaltScapes Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer
Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and algae, but creates unpleasant by-products when it reacts with contaminants like sweat, sunscreen or fertilizer. SaltScapes Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer is a better alternative than boosting chlorine because it eliminates these contaminants without creating unwanted effects for clear, fresh odor-free water you’ll love.

SaltScapes Cell Cleaner SaltScapes Cell Cleaner
The environment within your cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on your cell’s walls over time, decreasing the chlorine output. SaltScapes Cell Cleaner is highly effective at removing most types of scale and is strong enough to remove built-up scale in 15-30 minutes. All while being safer and easier to handle than acid cell cleaners.

SaltScapes SunShield? Stabilizer SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer
Your salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine, which means it diminishes rapidly when exposed to UV rays. SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer protects generated chlorine from sunlight, allowing it to last longer and be less demanding upon your system.

SaltScapes Algae Remover SaltScapes Algae Remover
SaltScapes Algae Remover, is a highly effective, patented, non-staining pool algicide. This product is especially recommended for killing green, blue-green (frequently called black or spot algae) and mustard algae growths. Formulated for use in saltwater swimming pools of all surface and filter types with results in 24 hours or less.

SaltScapes Scale Defender SaltScapes Scale Defender
The environment within your salt cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on a cell’s walls over time, decreasing the chlorine output. SaltScapes Scale Defender binds to calcium-based scale crystals to prevent them from sticking together and clumping on surfaces. This highly effective product ensures a clean, efficient cell.

SaltScapes Test Strips SaltScapes Test Strips
Saltwater pools need to have water balance levels tested on a regular basis just like traditional chlorine pools. Proper water balance ensures the best swimmer comfort, equipment protection and sanitizer efficiency. SaltScapes Test Strips ensure correct salt and balancer levels.


The Six Truths of Salt Pool Care

SaltScapes Salt Truth #1 A salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine which means it diminishes rapidly when exposed to sunlight UV rays.

SunShield Stabilizer shields against sunlight to extend the life of generated chlorine and minimize cell run time.

SaltScapes Salt Truth #2 The process a cell uses to convert saltwater into chlorine contributes to higher water pH everytime a cell runs.

pH Reducer corrects high pH to protect surfaces and equipment.

SaltScapes Salt Truth #3 The environment within a cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on a cell’s wall over time, decreasing the chlorine output.

Scale Defender protects against damaging scale for efficient, long lasting cell performance and Cell Cleaner removes built-up scale to restore cell to peak performance.

SaltScapes Salt Truth #4 Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and algae, but creates unpleasant by-products when it reacts with contaminants like sweat, sunscreen, or fertilizer.

Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer eliminates contaminants for clear, fresh water.

SaltScapes Salt Truth #5 Saltwater pools need to have water balance levels tested on a regular basis just like traditional chlorine pools.

Balance Test Strips ensure proper water balance for the best swimmer comfort, equipment protection, and sanitizer efficiency.

The amount of salt in a pool and the amount of chlorine being produced are independent of each other. Adding more salt to the water (above what is recommended in the owner’s manual) does not improve efficiency or increase the generation of chlorine. Salt Level Test Strips ensure correct salt levels.

Mineral Springs by BioGuard

BioGuard® Mineral Springs™ Saltwater Pool Care System

BioGuard Mineral SpringsThe Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain – in fact, once you’ve begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal? product once a week. That’s it!

Mineral Springs is ideal for:
+ Pools of any size or surface
+ Any chlorine generator
+ Easy 2-step pool care
+ Frequent travelers

Mineral Springs BeginningsMineral Springs Beginnings
Adding Beginnings is the first step in creating a mineral water bathing environment. Its essential elements are needed at start-up and to protect equipment. Beginnings is formulated with ultra pure salt. BioGuard has performed rigorous testing on the salt that goes into Beginnings to be sure that it is of highest quality and will not add unwanted “extras” to the pool water.

+ Beautifully clear, luxurious water that won’t irritate eyes or dry skin
+ An incredible feeling of soothing relaxation as your float in silky water
+ A natural way to automatically sanitize pool water
+ Stabilizers prevent free chlorine residual degradation from sunlight
+ Scale inhibitors help prevent scale and protect your equipment
Mineral Springs Renewal

Mineral Springs Renewal
Weekly applications of Renewal replenish mineral levels in the pool and protect the system, keeping the water balanced and feeling great.

+ pH balancers and adjusters offset pH drift
+ Chelants and scale inhibitors helps your chlorine generator last longer
+ Contains a filter aid and helps in maintaining crystal clear water


Mineral Springs Accessories
Mineral Springs ConvertMineral Springs Convert

Convert is used to change your plain old salt pool into a Mineral Springs pool. Now your water will sparkle all summer long and feel soft and velvety smooth.
Convert has SunShield? that protects chlorine from degrading due to sunlight. By using Convert and Mineral Springs Stain and Scale you can transform your ordinary
saline pool into a Mineral Springs backyard oasis.
Mineral Springs Stain and ScaleMineral Springs Stain and Scale

Stain and Scale protects your pool and equipment from scale formation. It also protects the chlorine generator cell from scale build up. When used with our new Convert product, you can easily change a straight salt water system to the Mineral Springs System. The new stain and scale product is recommended for use at the beginning of the season for all Mineral Springs treated pools.