Reliable Lancaster Dry Infrared Saunas

Saunas are the perfect tool for forgetting about the cold winter months, creating a warm and welcoming environment in your home. When it comes to Lancaster dry and infrared saunas, no other company can provide the same products and services offered by Goodall Pools and Spas. With a wide selection of saunas to perfectly fit into your home, we can help you find the perfect unit that works for you and your family. Let us help you find the ideal sauna that will help you escape from the windy and snowy winter months.

Four Person TheraSauna

Choose a different type of sauna

Not all saunas are the same, which is why at Goodall Pools and Spas we offer a unique type of home sauna available for purchase. Choose a sauna that will work benefit your health and become a beautiful addition to your home. Our infrared saunas, unlike steam saunas, utilize heaters to emit infrared light as radiant heat.

Many health benefits from saunas

People continue to add saunas into their homes for a number of different reasons, but the most popular objective for installing saunas is to experience their many health benefits. These heat chambers have been proven to speed up metabolism, causing the body to burn fat and lose weight more effectively. Patients with arthritis have noticed a reduction in pain and stiffness after utilizing a home sauna. Additionally, saunas have also shown an ability to drain toxins from the body.

If you are in the market for an infrared sauna, more health benefits can be achieved by spending time in this type of sauna. Infrared light can reduce muscle spasms, dilate blood vessels and stimulate cellular and enzyme activity. Since these health benefits can greatly benefit a majority of people, trust the saunas from Goodall Pools and Spas to help you recover and heal from whatever may be hindering your health and performance.

With over 50 years of experience providing Central Pennsylvania with the top water related products on the market, Goodall Pools and Spas is ready to help your family enjoy an amazing and entertaining summer outdoors or year-round relaxation indoors. If you are looking to transform your backyard into a poolside oasis, contact us today at (717) 509-7496 to see how we can turn your dream into reality.