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A worry-free pool is the best kind.



Prestige Pool Maintenance 

Let our service crews keep your pool swim ready all summer long with our Prestige Pool Maintenance Services. Our certified technicians are highly experienced and enabled with the latest technology to monitor your pool remotely! We will use computerized water testing to ensure your pool is beautiful. Or if you prefer to do your own water care, we can deliver chemicals right to your door. We do all the work and you get all the enjoyment.

Prestige Pool Maintenance contracts:

Platinum Gold Standard Economy
20 cleanings 16 cleanings 8 cleanings 16 Visits
Open Open Poolside Chemical Testing Poolside Chemical Testing
Close Close Monthly Alex Test Monthly Alex test
Winter Service One Filter Service   Empty Baskets
Two Filter Services Poolside Chemical Testing   Chemical Delivery
Poolside Chemical Testing Monthly Alex Test    
Monthly Alex Test      
Discounted Service Calls      
Hot tub maintenance packages also available. Contact us for details. 
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Opening, Closing and Winter Services

We’ll prepare you for each season.

Our seasonal services protect your pool investment from the harshness of winter, rendering your spring opening trouble free. We’ll safeguard your water and recommend necessary repairs to prevent further damage. We also provide a highly convenient Filter Service that includes a special soaking and cleaning process for your cartridge filters. We then reinstall them during the winter – so you when the weather warms, you won’t lose a single precious day of swimming.

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Pool & Spa Repair

Decades of attentive repairs.

If you have a challenge, we will find a solution. Our technicians repair all major manufacturer pool and spa equipment. We also replace liners and spa covers, as well as fix salt systems and ozonator systems. With 50 years of service under our belt, there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

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Request Pool/Spa Repair Service


Pool Liners & Safety Covers

Breathe new life into your pool. 

A new pool liner can easily and dramatically transform the look of your pool. There’s no need to wait until it needs replacement to go from dull to dazzling. Goodall Pools offers a wide selection of the latest designer patterns and colors to give your pool a whole new look when your current liner’s usefulness starts to wane. A short installation time won’t disrupt your swimming season either. Just be sure you hire a quality dealer to ensure your new liner has a long life.

If you suspect a leak in your existing liner, we have specialized equipment to detect it and can make the subsequent repairs without necessarily draining your pool. We also troubleshoot leaks in concrete pools.

And keep in mind, a new safety cover protects your pool when not in use. We also offer a variety of new top-quality mesh covers in the color of your choice. Installation is included.

Request Information on Liners & Covers

Request information on liners & safety covers

Energy Savings

Save the planet and your pocketbook.

For those interested in energy savings, we have variable speed pumps, LED lights, heat pumps, electronic controls, solar covers and other suggestions for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


A variable speed pump can help save up to 75% of the original pumping bill according to ENERGY STAR. A local Power Company is so convinced that they offer a $150 Rebate if you replace your old pump.

Are you looking to extend your swimming time in the spring and fall? Pentair is currently offering a $200 rebate on their energy efficient UltraTemp High Performance Heat Pump. A heat pump can easily add a few extra weeks to your pool season, and they provide a significant savings in energy costs over gas heaters.

Long lasting LED lights cut down on bulb replacement costs and energy use. And insulated and liquid solar covers significantly reduce water evaporation and heat loss to save you money.

Unlike Sand and DE filters, cartridge filters do not waste water or create a huge mess when backwashing. They provide the best overall performance, convenience and value combination.

Call us at 717-774-6613 or fill out the form below. We’re happy to assess your current equipment and show you upgrades to improve your pool experience.

Calculate how much you can save following these links:


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Request information on energy savings

Warranty Support

We stand by our products and work.

Goodall Pools & Spa offers excellent warranties on the products we sell and the work we do. It is important to us that our customers be satisfied. When you make the choice to shop with us, we want you to know that we appreciate that decision, and will be here to help you should anything go awry. That’s the big benefit you get when you go with a brick and mortar company that’s been around for fifty years.

Request Warranty Information

Warranty Information

For Pool & Spa Service, please call 717-774-6613

The servicemen that serviced the leak in our swimming pool are to be commended. I have always been extremely satisfied with the service I’ve received  from your service department and I will continue to commend Goodall every time. – Nancy J Moffatt