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Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Pool and Sauna Costs Down

April 5th, 2015

infrared sauna maintenance
The average cost of owning a pool in the United States ranges in the hundreds of dollars. The amount you end up spending depends on how well you maintain your pool or sauna and whether you catch problems before they become expensive repairs. The type of pool you own is also a factor in the cost of maintenance. Above ground pools tend to cost less and offer a more affordable option than built-in pools. Fiberglass pools can be expensive to fix and may chip or crack while natural pools often require the least amount of maintenance. Infrared saunas in Harrisburg are another good option for a low-cost, low-maintenance solution.

Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Skim your pool weekly to keep debris and other matter from clogging your pool filter. This is a simple task that you can either do yourself or hire a pool company to complete for you. Even if your pool has a sweeper that cleans debris that manages to sink below the surface, you should still ease the burden on your filtration system by scooping debris weekly. If you want to reduce the amount of cleaning you have to perform, consider investing in a pool or spa cover to keep your environment pristine.

Checking Filters and Chemical Balance

Homeowners should test the pH balance of the pool on a monthly basis, or more frequently if the pool is used daily. Maintaining a proper balance prevents the growth of algae and potentially dangerous microorganisms. Chlorine can help to keep algae and bacteria at bay, and keeping a balanced pH prevents cloudy water, calcium buildup and clogging of filter elements. Clean out your filters monthly and check your equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly.

It doesn’t take much time to care for a pool, but failing to maintain a pool can result in costly repairs. Avoid the costs associated with these repairs by conducting regular maintenance or hiring a professional to manage your pool for you. Test strips are available to help you test the pH and chlorine levels in your pool. Create a maintenance schedule and stick with it to ensure a long life for your pool or sauna.

How Pools and Spas Encourage Higher Brain Function

April 4th, 2015

A relaxing pool or spa can help brain function
It has been well documented that swimming is one of the most beneficial and low-impact exercises. Swimming works out more muscles while being gentler on joints as opposed to running and other physical activities. What some people don’t realize is that pools and spas may also promote higher brain functionality.

Physical Activity and the Brain

In studies conducted in 2014 at the University of Adelaide in Australia, it was found that physical activity lead to memory improvement and enhanced motor skills. After 15 minutes of exercise, subjects demonstrated positive results in cognitive abilities. Although additional research is necessary in order to determine if these results become permanent, the short-term applications are promising, according to research.

Swimming increases the heart rate, supplying the brain with a greater flow of both blood and oxygen. Since physical activity leads to higher levels of both through the pumping of the heart, it stands to reason that intense activity can give the brain what it needs the most.

When the body is subjected to higher levels of physical activity, the brain begins to produce greater amounts of endorphins. These chemicals dull the pain receptors, providing a euphoric feeling. The term “runner’s high” refers to when these endorphin levels are so elevated that one may feel as though they are on heavy pain medication. Endorphins can ease physical discomfort as well as stress, depression and anxiety. Swimming has been shown to deliver the same sensation.

Spas and Relaxation

When you subject yourself to large amounts of stress, your brain and body can be directly affected. Irrational thought, elevated blood pressure and muscle spasms can be attributed to high levels of stress. Spas such as Carlisle dry saunas allow you to relax and release tension within the mind. The less stress you feel, the more effective you can be in your personal and professional life.

Improving Yourself Through Pools and Spas

Pools and spas offer more than just entertainment or physical fitness. These additions to the home can promote a healthier mind as well.

Choosing the Pool or Sauna That Meets Your Needs

April 3rd, 2015

Having a swimming pool or sauna installed on your property can bring you numerous benefits. Swimming pools and saunas can help increase property value. A swimming pool can provide you with a way to cool off when the weather is hot. On cold winter days, sitting in a sauna will make it easier for you to stay warm. With all the swimming pool and sauna choices out there, you will want to make sure you choose an option that works well with the layout of your property. If you are considering a pool, you will also want to decide whether you want an in-ground or above ground model.

A pool or dry sauna is a nice addition to any home

In-Ground Swimming Pools

In-ground swimming pools can be lined with either vinyl or fiberglass. A section of your yard will need to be dug out in order to complete the construction. If you want to be even more extravagant, you have the option of having waterfalls, pool bars and other attractive features installed that can accentuate the feeling of having your own private oasis. If you want something even more durable, Leisure Pools are constructed with materials that are as much as 111 percent times stronger than fiberglass.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

If you opt for the above ground option, you can avoid the hassle of having holes dug around your property. If your pool is situated in an area with optimal views, swimming in this type of pool will give you a better opportunity to enjoy the great scenery while going for a swim. Insulation panels can be installed to keep your water temperature warmer for a longer period of time and potentially save you money on energy bills.


If you are looking for a place where you can relax, a sauna will provide the perfect option. Sitting in a sauna may help speed your metabolism and promote weight loss. You may also be able to relieve certain aches and pains by spending some time in a sauna. Some types of saunas use infrared light instead of steam to generate heat, and for homeowners in Camp Hill, dry saunas may be the ideal choice.

The Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna

March 12th, 2015

Certain medical conditions can cause stiffness in the joints, muscle pain and excessively dry skin. Individuals struggling with certain conditions may find relief with dry saunas.


Using Dry Saunas to Relieve Pain and Reduce Symptoms of Certain Medical Conditions

When most homeowners consider installing a sauna, they typically think of the relaxation benefits a sauna can provide. However, those dealing with arthritis and other medical conditions might be pleased to learn that saunas may have health benefits as well, especially for those who suffer from the following.

Eczema and Skin Conditions

Eczema is a common skin disorder that causes redness and itchiness of the skin. It can also create a hardening of the skin that makes simple movements painful. Studies have shown that those who use the infrared light produced by dry saunas experienced a reduction in their symptoms. While some patients still spend thousands of dollars every year for light therapy through a doctor’s office, others found that they could get the same benefits of those visits with a dry sauna.

Arthritis and Joint Disorders

Millions of people suffer from arthritis, which leaves them feeling stiffness and pain in their joints. The disorder can impact a single part of the body or multiple joints. Arthritis can cause joints to appear bright red and make performing simple activities difficult or impossible. Lebanon dry saunas may help those suffering from arthritis to experience less pain, swelling and stiffness, or even improve overall well-being.


The human body ingests and inhales toxins from pollutants in the air and other sources every day, which can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. A dry sauna helps naturally detoxify the body and remove those impurities. Some may also find that they have more energy and feel better after a short time in a dry sauna.

Dry saunas have a number of health benefits. Whether you have skin issues, arthritis or simply want to feel better overall, installing a sauna may be a great choice.

Using Your Infrared Sauna Safely

March 11th, 2015

Using an infrared sauna requires some different safety precautions than other saunas. These tips will help you stay safe while using your infrared sauna.

shutterstock_222597745 (1)

Safety Tips for Using Your Infrared Sauna

Using a sauna can be a relaxing and health-enhancing experience for many people. When getting ready to use your new infrared sauna, you’ll need to take a few basic safety precautions. The following safety tips will help you have an enjoyable experience each time you use your sauna.

Setting the Temperature

Be sure to set the temperature on the infrared sauna in your Camp Hill home to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature setting allows you to receive the therapeutic benefits of the dry infrared heat from the sauna. When you first enter the sauna, get in as soon as you turn it on. Let your body warm up gradually, at the same pace as the sauna does.

Slowly Increasing Duration of Use

While you might feel like relaxing for an hour during your first sauna session, it’s best to slowly build up your body’s tolerance to the infrared heat. Try for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time for your first few sauna sessions. Slowly increasing the duration of your sauna use allows your body to acclimate to the infrared heat. Over time, you can build up to longer sessions. You’ll also be able to increase the frequency of your sauna sessions as your body gets used to the warm environment. Eventually, you may be able to enjoy two sessions of 30 minutes daily in your infrared sauna.

Staying Hydrated

Maintaining a good level of hydration is an essential precaution when using an infrared sauna. During your time in the sauna, you will lose some of your body’s moisture as you sweat. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna sessions. If you start to feel dizzy, overheated or light-headed, these are signs of dehydration. You should stop your sauna session if any symptoms of dehydration develop.

Dry Saunas Create A Healthy Haven in Your Home

March 10th, 2015


Homes large or small can accommodate a dry sauna. This luxurious unit can improve your health regimen with an easy way to relax your muscles and cleanse your body, removing built-up toxins.

Dry Infrared Saunas Combine Health and Luxury

A sauna for the home is a small upgrade that can deliver big results. Unlike a steam sauna, a dry sauna with built-in infrared heaters offers immediate heat control at the touch of your fingers, and you don’t have to worry about moisture issues.

How Dry Saunas Aid Your Health

Your body gains many benefits with regular exposure to the hot and soothing environment within a dry sauna. The tension and deep chill that afflict you during the winter can be driven away inside the sauna. The radiant heat created by the 100 percent high-glass ceramic infrared heating units penetrates your muscles. As your body loosens up, your stress relaxes away. Sauna health benefits from this heat therapy can speed healing, boost metabolism, relieve arthritis and remove toxins as you sweat.

Dry Sauna Sizes and Installation

Dry sauna units can accommodate two to four people, depending on the style. Installation requirements are not difficult for even the largest sizes. They run on 120 volts and need a 20 amp plug. Knowledgeable professionals can advise you on the installation of dry saunas in Lancaster.

Attractive in Appearance

Dry saunas offer you excellent aesthetic quality, and most models are built from the best hardwood grade of Aspen. The lightly polished wood exterior creates a unit that looks like fine furniture and can match many decor scheme. The tempered glass doors, windows and quality hardware present an upscale look.

Add Value to Your Home By Investing in a Dry Sauna

March 5th, 2015


Today’s homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their home. One unique way to accomplish this goal is to consider the many benefits of dry saunas.

Making a Wise Investment With a Home Sauna

For homeowners wishing to enjoy the many perks of some much-appreciated time in the sauna without sacrificing privacy in the process, an increasingly popular solution is to opt for a dry sauna designed for home use. While such a purchase is certainly an investment, Harrisburg dry saunas can also add value to any home by effectively meeting the demands of budget-conscious homeowners looking for home additions with both aesthetic and practical value.

Finding the Right Spot for a Dry Sauna

Deciding where to put the sauna isn’t something most homeowners think about on a regular basis. However, home saunas are more versatile than most people realize. Usually available in two-person or four-person versions with varying seat arrangements and sizes, these saunas are designed to fit comfortably in just about any home space. A home sauna is something that can easily become an attractive focal point wherever it’s placed. All that’s left to do is add accessories like baskets for extra towels and some candles for ambiance.

Enjoying Potential Health Benefits of Dry Saunas

Homeowners may also want to consider the fact that a dry home sauna may have health benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and existing heart problems. From a therapeutic standpoint, the infrared heat typically used in dry saunas has been shown to help ease muscle tension and, in some cases, joint stiffness.

Boosting Overall Home Value With a Sauna

Home saunas, which are typically available in styles compatible with most common interior decors and in colors often resembling various wood tones, can also attract potential home buyers looking for amenities not normally included with the average home, especially since home saunas are fairly low-maintenance. Even for homeowners with no immediate plans to sell their home, a dry sauna is likely to add substantial value that’s sure to be appreciated for many years.

6 Benefits of Sweat You May Not Know

February 26th, 2015

Although most of us know sweating is how our body cools itself down, many of us are unaware how many other benefits we reap from this process. Even though sweating, especially to the tune of almost 1 liter daily, when at work or school can be embarrassing, this is just another miraculous way your body works to keep you healthy. So whether you are out for a morning run or relaxing in your beautiful infrared sauna, remember that sweat is doing more than cooling you down. Here are 6 benefits of sweating.

dry sauna

1. Lower risk of kidney stones

Kidney stones come from high accumulations of salt and calcium in both the urine and kidneys. Sweating is known to be a highly effective way to remove salt from our bodies. It does so through the sweat, and also by demanding more hydration helping us flush more of these accumulations.

2. Clearer skin

When sweating, your pores are opened, which can help remove breakout-causing bacteria. If you want to take advantage of the cleansing benefits of a good sweat session, be sure to wash your face after your workout or sauna session.

3. Detox

Although you may have already heard of some of the detoxification benefits of sweating, you man not have realized how far reaching these benefits are. Sweating has the ability to effectively remove BPA and DEHP, along with salt, cholesterol and alcohol. With everything we are exposed to daily, this could be a great way to minimize the effects.Drink water

4. Prevents colds and infections

It seems sweat contains a highly effective natural antimicrobial called dermicidin. This antimicrobial has been shown to fight dangerous pathogens, such as tuberculosis germ. It has also been shown to be effective against other bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause colds and other illnesses.

5. Cooling effect

So you probably already know this is the primary function of sweat, but you may not know why. While burning calories each day, you body generates enough heat to boil nearly 25 quarts of water. To keep you from overheating, your body produces sweat as a way to slow down the rate at which you burn energy.

6. Pain Relief

As the body begins to heat and produce sweat, the feel good endorphins released in your brain also serve as natural pain relief. This could help relieve any pain felt both during and after exercise and sweat.

So no matter how you chose to sweat, you can feel good knowing you are doing great things for you body. If you are interested in learning more about Carlisle infrared saunas, call the experts at Goodall Pools & Spas at  (717) 422-5577.

The Most Prestigious Pools In Central PA!

February 14th, 2015

Goodall Pools is proud to have built some of the most prestigious pools in central PA. When we talk about prestigious pools we aren’t using that term loosely. We have been building swimming pools and designing backyards in central PA for over 50 years an have been honored with many awards. Some of Goodall Pools projects are so well respected that they have won multiple awards in different competitions. Here are three of our most highly awarded pools as an example of why we are considered to be the builder of the most prestigious pools in Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Camp Hill and Carlisle.

New CumberlandPrestigious Pool in Central PA

2015 United Aqua Group Awards of Distinction Competition: Best in Show

2104 Penn Jersey Pool & Spas Association Design Awards: 1st Place

2014 NorthEast Spa & Pool Association Design Awards: Bronze Award

2014 Association of Pool & Spa Professionals International Awards of Excellence: Gold Award

Prestigious Pool in Central PAHarrisburg

2012 Aquatech Awards of Distinction Competition: Silver Award

2012 Penn Jersey Pool & Spas Association Design Awards: 3rd Place

2011 NorthEast Spa & Pool Association Design Awards: Merit Award

2011 Association of Pool & Spa Professionals International Awards of Excellence: Silver Award

York HavenPrestigious Pool in Central PA

2006 Penn Jersey Pool & Spas Association Design Awards: 1st Place

2006 NorthEast Spa & Pool Association Design Awards: Merit Award

2006 Association of Pool & Spa Professionals International Awards of Excellence: Gold Award


There’s a big difference between simply claiming to build prestigious pools and actually being able to prove it. We’re proud to have many projects throughout central PA that have won industry awards. With over 50 years in business, an experienced team of service technicians and five year-round retail locations to serve you, Goodall Pools & Spas is the best choice for vinyl liner, fiberglass and concrete pools. Want to see even more beautiful pools?

Helping Your Child Overcome Fear of Water

February 6th, 2015

Learning to swim can sometimes be overwhelming and scary to a child. To help your child overcome his or her fear of the water, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Teaching your child to overcome fear of water

Monkey See, Monkey Do

You are your child’s first and favorite role model. Seeing mommy or daddy get in the water and splash around a bit is probably enough to convince him/her that the pool isn’t quite so scary after all.

Incorporate Pool Toys

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s toys. Try warming them up to the idea of water with floaties, kick boards and water wings. You may even want to let them pick out the toys themselves, as they’ll feel obligated (and excited) to use them.

Blowing Bubbles

In the majority of cases, the toughest part of a child adjusting to water is the idea of getting their face wet. Encourage your child to blow bubbles in smaller bodies of water, like a sink or in the bath, to ease into having his/her face in the water. Though it seems like a small step, it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Peer Pressure

If all else fails, rely on peer pressure. Sometimes all it takes is your child seeing all of his/her friends playing in the pool to know it’s time to learn to swim.

Invest in a Swimming Pool

Perhaps the most important (albeit most difficult) part of overcoming a phobia is exposure and familiarization. Since your child is already comfortable in your backyard, installing a pool will give him/her the chance to overcome the fear of water in a familiar environment. With your own backyard pool, your child will be able to learn at his/her own pace, which may help to alleviate unnecessary stress. Be sure to have the proper safety features in place while s/he is learning the tricks of the trade!

For more information on spas or vinyl pools in Lebanon, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Camp Hill or Carlisle, get in touch with Goodall at (717) 270-0477.