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5 spa Water Therapies Explained

5 spa Water Therapies Explained

Spas provide the perfect location for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.  Whether it be after a long day at work or a weekend to unwind, spas have been a staple in many households for years.  While we know that spa maintenance is important, we need to understand that body maintenance is what this is all about!

There are medical benefits that a spa can bring to your life.  Whether it be chronic pain relief or simply adding flexibility through exercise, there are ways to improve your personal well-being that go beyond stress relief.  Let’s take a look at five popular spa therapies and explain each one.

spa Yoga

Yoga has been around seemingly forever.  The overall benefits to yoga are well-documented.  It works to promote flexibility, intercostal fitness, and even stress relief.  Is there any way this could get better?

Well, yes.  It certainly can! Performing yoga in your spa will not only achieve all the listed benefits but will also add a whole new dynamic to how you feel while you achieve it.  Your muscles will be soothed as they are stretched, providing the perfect therapy to a tight or wound-up body. 

spa Massage Therapy

Good luck finding someone who doesn’t enjoy a great massage.  This is an incredible therapy that you won’t even need any spa accessories for! Simply find that special someone who can deliver an amazing massage out of water and get them in the water!

Much like spa yoga, getting a well-balanced massage in your spa will reap massive benefits to your muscular system.  Anytime you can combine the warming effect of a spa with muscular stimulation, you have the recipe for much-needed health maintenance.

spa Sauna

Saunas have been used in the Scandinavian countries of Europe for centuries.  They promote the release of endorphins, as well as the ‘feel good’ chemical known as dopamine.

You can achieve this by simply sitting in your spa (turn up the heat) for 20 minutes, and then sit half of your body out of the water for another five minutes.  While this isn’t the (exact) same as a true sauna, the effect triggers the same chemical result.  That ‘feel good’ that you are experiencing isn’t a coincidence, it is science. 

spa Meditation

Forget spa maintenance; how about some mental maintenance? This is yet another easy spa therapy that doesn’t require any spa accessories.  We all know the relaxing qualities that a spa presents us.  What if we took that up another notch?

You will be hoping to achieve a silent setting.  The spa jets will provide the water noise that mediation thrives on.  You will assume a relaxed, sitting position and close your eyes.  Take all the time that you need.  The goal of this therapy is to focus on your breathing and the calmness of the environment.  Meditation has long been used all over the world.  Most of the world’s major religions involve meditation.  A spa is the perfect location to achieve a meditative state today.

spa Exercise

Pretty straightforward here, right? This is arguably the best spa therapy that exists today.  This is also one of the biggest reasons that people purchase a spa.

Low impact exercise is what spa therapy is all about.  You instantly can achieve all the benefits of exercise while taking the pressure off your skeletal system and joints.  Increase your flexibility, lean muscle mass, and body fat composition with five sessions per week. 

Spa therapy goes well beyond any single aspect of what we have discussed.  The overall factor of hydrotherapy has proven health benefits that we have only scratched the surface of.  The best therapy will ALWAYS be for you to find your most relaxed state and enjoy it to the fullest. 

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