Stand-Alone Dry Saunas vs. Home-Built DIY Projects

dry saunas are more efficient than DIY home-built ones

Before you begin drawing up plans to install your own sauna, take a moment and review the problems that could arise from such a project. A stand-alone, professionally assembled dry sauna may be superior in almost every way when weighing benefits and money. Not all DIY projects are cost-efficient, especially when considering what could happen when building your own dry sauna.

Steam Sauna Construction Problems

Many people install steam-based saunas for their health and relaxation benefits, but sauna rooms need to be developed in such a way to prevent damage to the home. Without a tight seal around the room, moisture can form in various areas while escaping into the walls. This moisture provides the nourishment for mold spores, which could cause a wide range of problems from asthma to property damage. Professionally constructed dry sauna units eliminate this possibility.

Mold spores are only part of the problem that can arise from steam-based units. Moisture can rot the wooden structure if it’s not properly treated. From the sauna room itself to the framework within the walls, a home’s structure could be subjected to water damage from intense steam. If you don’t remove drywall from the area where you’re building the sauna, it could rot and crumble away as well.

Heating the Room

The right heating element is needed when building a sauna because intense heat can cause severe physical problems. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are real possibilities should the temperature of the room go beyond personal limits. Dry saunas reduce this complication, as the radiant heating element is effective up to 40 degrees lower than a traditional steam spa.

Keep Your Home and Lifestyle Cost Efficient

Time, materials, labor and possible home damage can turn that do-it-yourself project into a financial nightmare. Consider what is entailed when developing your own Carlisle dry saunas prior to committing to the project. It may save you a great deal of frustration and money in the future.

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