Science Behind the Health Benefits of Dry Sauna Use

Sauna has health benefits

Dry saunas work by filling the room with safe, radiant heat. This has several effects on the human body ranging from physical to mental. These changes are caused by how your body adapts to the higher temperature. Saunas can also be incredibly relaxing, directly affecting your stress levels.

Effects on Your Heart Rate

Your body burns calories in order to maintain various functions. Just sitting still can burn as many as two calories per minute or more. By increasing your heart rate, the internal organs begin to use up more energy. Heart, kidney, lungs and other parts contribute to this burn. Since heat raises your pulse rate, your body burns calories in order to stay alive. Essentially, the dry sauna gives your body a workout without actual movement.

External heat sources directly affect how fast your heart pumps. It has been found that walking outside in 90 degree Fahrenheit temperatures causes your pulse to jump much higher than if you did the same walk at 75 degrees. This increase contributes to burning calories. In the dry sauna, prolonged heat exposure of approximately 30 minutes could increase your beats per minute and calories burned.

Effects of the Heat Itself

Heat is often used to treat everything from arthritis to muscle spasms. This is because heat can increase blood flow to areas that are treated. Blood begins to assist in the natural healing process while helping to alleviate pain. Dry saunas allow the body to heat evenly, which can be therapeutic depending on your physical ailment.
When looking for a way to optimize your health, Lebanon dry saunas are an ideal choice for losing weight and physical therapy. Without the use of chemicals or dietary supplements, you could lose weight in a healthier way while providing an environment to allow your body to heal naturally.

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