Live Longer by Visiting the Sauna More

man in dry sauna

Most guys enjoy sitting in the sauna, especially if they live in areas where the weather gets relatively chilly during the winter and spring months. Sitting in a dry sauna can literally warm a person to the core. In addition to the comfort factor, there are many health benefits that come from using a sauna, including enhancing the tissues in the coronary arteries, promoting circulation to deep muscle tissues, especially after a workout, and improving flexibility and joint mobility. However, according to reports published by the Journal of American Medicine, a visit to the sauna just might help you live longer. This is good news for anyone who owns Harrisburg dry saunas.

The Reasons for Sauna-Related Health Benefits Are Unknown

The report that was published by The Journal of American Medicine makes reference to multiple papers that have been written that outline the heart benefits associated with sitting in a room that is 174 degrees Fahrenheit. Doctors who participated in this research commented that, “sauna bathing is a recommendable health habit.” The only problem is that researchers are not exactly sure why it is so beneficial.

Time Spent in the Sauna Is Time Well Spent

The study was conducted on more than 2,000 men who had their health tracked since 1984. All the men who participated in the survey were between the ages of 42 and 60. The average age of the participants was 53 years old. According to the study, men who had the habit of going to the sauna at least two times every single week had a 23 percent decrease in their risk of coronary heart disease when compared to those who only visited the sauna one time a week.

The results were even better for men who visit the sauna between four and seven times a week. They had a 48 percent decrease in cardiovascular disease as compared to those who only went one time a week. While there is some confusion about why a visit to the sauna is so beneficial, a doctor associated with the survey said that it was her adamant belief that, “time spent in the sauna is time well spent.”

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