The Importance of Regular Pool Pump Maintenance

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It’s not enough to keep the leaves and other debris from stagnating in your pool. You also need to clean the filters, pumps and equipment used to heat and clean your pool. By keeping up on maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs, run down motors and clogged filters that may prevent adequate automatic cleaning functions. Following some basic cleaning procedures can help keep your pool, spa or dry saunas in Lebanon clean and operating at peak efficiency.

What the Pool Pump Does

The pool pump flushes debris from the water into a filter basket. This helps to keep your pool clean and prevents the pipes within the pool and spa from getting clogged. The size of the basket and the rate that debris accumulates is a major factor in how often you should check the filter. In areas where there are lots of trees and mulch that can get into the pool, you may need to clean the filter more often. In addition, keeping a fence around the pool and using a pool cover can reduce the amount of debris that is collected by the filter.

Cleaning the Filter

Before cleaning the pool pump, you need to shut off power to the motor. Open the lid of the pool pump, remove the filter basket and throw away any of the debris that has accumulated. Once you’ve done this, rinse the filter basket with a hose. Replace the filter basket when you’re done and turn the pump back on.

Final Considerations

The motor on your pool pump will eventually need to be replaced. By staying up on the maintenance and keeping the filter clean, you can reduce the wear and tear on your motor. In some cases, the motor may get jammed with pieces of debris that have circumvented the filter basket. If this happens, remove any stuck debris and attempt to run the pump again. If the motor begins to make noise, you should immediately check to ensure that nothing is blocking the flow of water. Otherwise, you may have to replace the bearings or the entire motor unit.

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