How Infrared Saunas are More Efficient than Steam

Infrared saunas are better than steam
While saunas can provide many health and relaxation benefits, some units may be operating less efficiently than others. Infrared units may provide superior quality over those using steam, ranging from resource use to overall health advantages. Since the basic use of these two styles are similar, the more efficient style may save you money over the years.

Comparing the General Operation of the Sauna

Infrared saunas use special heaters to produce radiant heat. This heat is used to detoxify, relax and even relieve pains by increasing your core temperature. Radiant heat also uses less electricity to increase the temperature of a room when compared to traditional heaters. Steam saunas, however, use energy to increase the temperature of the room as well as boil water.

Steam has the capacity to damage wooden structures and various other materials faster than using heat alone. Condensation can form within the walls and crevasses of saunas, which could also become a breeding ground for mildew and molds. This means you will also need to put more effort into maintaining a steam sauna as opposed to infrared heat.

Personal Differences Between Infrared and Steam

Heat causes pores to open, allowing the body to eliminate toxins, which may result in healthier skin. Steam has the capacity to leave behind particulate debris within the pores that could result in blackheads and pimples. If you’re allergic to something within the water, this could quickly cause rashes or discomfort.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, infrared saunas can help people lose weight by increasing the heart rate. It is believed that a 30-minute session could burn approximately 600 calories as the body speeds metabolism and functionality due to increasing core temperature.

Picking the Most Efficient Unit

More energy and water consumption and a larger workload may be part of maintaining a steam-based sauna. In light of these additional costs, Lancaster infrared saunas may provide superior efficiency between the utility bills and your personal time.

Infrared saunas may have the capacity to use less resources while providing a healthier experience when compared to steam. From the effect on skin to the consumption of water, there are many factors to consider when determining efficiency. Start by considering the above factors in  your decision process.

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