Safety: Make it a Priority

Goodall Pools has been a leader in the inground pool industry for more than thirty years. We maintain that position by vigilant attention to quality and consumer safety. We can promise with confidence that our products will bring years of enjoyment and pleasure to you and your family.

Safety 1. Read the safety literature.

Read the National Spa and Pool Institute's excellent brochure, "The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool" to learn how to avoid swimming related accidents.

Safety 2. No diving or jumping allowed.

Don't allow diving or jumping into the pool or running around the pool. Remember, alcohol consumption and swimming do not mix.

Safety 3. Careful supervision.

Carefully supervise all the swimmers in your pool - especially small children. They're your responsibility.

Safety 4. Install a fence.

Always secure your pool from unsupervised and unauthorized use.

Safety 5. Use the safety signs.

Make sure safety signs and labels are posted and clearly visible and that rescue devices, such as life rings or ropes are nearby.


Now, it's up to you

Any recreational activity that involves water poses a risk of personal injury. Swimming in a pool is no exception. Your awareness and understanding of safety practices and rules pertaining to the use of inground pools can reduce the risk of serious injury. Please understand that no matter how many signs or safety devices you have in place, as the homeowner you are responsible for the supervision of those using your pool. Always have a designated "pool watcher" at parties, so that there is always someone responsible for the safety of the pool users.