What makes a Sundance Spa a Sundance Spa? Take a look at this illustration and you'll see that innovation, quality, and performance are inherent in every feature. You know how important it is to choose a spa that is made of the highest quality components, designed and manufactured to exacting standards.

How it's Made:

Sundance delivers the quality you expect, plus convenient and energy-efficient features.


Sundance Spas has been leading the industry with advanced technology, product innovation and sales and service reliability for more than 20 years. As the world's largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs, Sundance Spas continues to earn its reputation for setting the industry standard in safety and durability. You can find Sundance Spas in more than 670 retail locations in over 60 countries.

Sundance hot tubs have repeatedly been named as a "Best Buy" in their category by Consumers Digest magazine. Sundance Spas was an honored recipient of the National Spa & Pool Institute's prestigious John Holcomb Silver Award for technical contributions to the industry.

The basic process of building a spa is common to all manufacturers. But, when it comes to elaboration of design, range of features, and durability, all spas are not Sundance spas. In this section, as you view each step of our spa assembly, we'll show you why.

Horsepower and Spa Power
Many spa manufacturers talk about the horsepower of their pumps. Horsepower can be measured using a "service factor" and a "true rating system." Each method yields different results, so comparisons can be misleading.

Efficient plumbing, better jets, and flow control are more important than horsepower. A lower horsepower pump in an efficient spa will produce just as much jet power as a higher-horsepower pump in an inefficient spa. Many other manufacturers use oversized, high horsepower pumps. Sundance spas have an incredibly cost effective system, using energy efficient pumps to deliver the perfect hydrotherapeutic experience.

What’s the best way to measure spa power? Take a soak, or simply stick your hand in — you’ll feel the difference.

STEP 1: Molding & Vacuum Forming:

  • Molding & Vacuum FormingUnlike other spa manufacturers, Sundance Spas uses a positive-molding process. This makes the spa shell strongest where it gets the most use — at the top lip, where you get in and out.
  • Look closely at the shell of a Sundance spa. Look at the curves, radii, pillow pockets, details around the touch pad — even the filter well. Form-fitting detail is a hallmark of our positive-molding, vacuum-forming process.
  • Our spa shells are molded from one, continuous, thin sheet of acrylic. There is nothing to delaminate, separate, or leak.
  • Isn’t thick acrylic stronger than thin acrylic? It's certainly bulkier and less form fitting. Acrylic is used for shape. Strength comes from the resins behind the acrylic, and our Rigid Bond Construction resins are the strongest made.


Vacuum Forming

STEP 2: 3-Layer Rigid Bond Construction:

  • 3-Layer Rigid Bond ConstructionAfter the acrylic layer forms the shape of the shell, a vinylester layer is applied to provide a vapor and moisture barrier, and to form an inseparable bond with the third layer.
  • Layer Three is composed of special polyester resins and hand-rolled Armatron foam, developed for the aerospace industry.
  • Only Sundance Spas invests the extra time and expense to apply Armatron, but the benefit to our customers is worth it. Sundance shells are the strongest in the industry — up to eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass resin shells.



STEP 3: Trimming and Drilling the Shell:

  • Trimming and Drilling the ShellSundance shells are so hard, special diamond-edged saws and drill bits must be used.
  • Trimming ensures the spa edges will be parallel and fit squarely on slabs and decks.
  • Drilling creates holes and flattens surfaces so that fittings will be flush and seals tight.
  • There are up to 128 holes drilled into Sundance spas, and every single hole is inspected twice before a fitting is attached.



STEP 4: Therapy Pumps:

  • Many manufacturers use "off-the-shelf" pumps. We design and build our own.
  • While most manufacturers initially test their pumps using electronic simulation, Sundance Spas water tests its pumps.


STEP 5: Plumbing:

  • PlumbingOther manufacturers use long water lines and attach jets in a series. This creates unequal water pressure.
  • Sundance Spas' harness plumbing uses direct-pressure water manifolds and hand-fitted clamps to secure jets.
  • Harness plumbing enables more precise clustering of jets, equal water pressure to each jet, greater pumping efficiency, and more secure fittings.



STEP 6: Full-Foam Insulation:

  • Full-Foam InsulationFull foaming conserves heat and provides additional support for spa plumbing.
  • Two different kinds of foam are applied: the high density, heat-resistant foam surrounding the equipment bay; and a lighter, more insulating foam filling the remainder of the shell.




STEP 7: Frame and Cabinet:

  • Sundance Spas only uses treated redwood or cedar, isolated from the foam insulation by a liner. If the wooden skirting ever has to be removed, the insulation won’t be disturbed.
  • Cabinetry footings and the liner provide clearance between the ground and insulation.


STEP 8: Testing:

  • TestingOthers water test for only 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Sundance Spas water tests for two hours: 30 minutes for the circulation pumps alone; 30 minutes after the pumps, heaters, and electronics are assembled; 45 minutes after they are installed; 15 minutes after foam filling.
  • Inspection and testing are integral: blowers and pumps are checked four times; circuit boards and touch pads, five times.
  • Nothing is left to chance: different technicians test at different times, using different pump speeds and jet pressures.
  • Tests are run with accessories - even if not ordered - to ensure reliable performance under the most rigorous conditions, or if upgraded in the future.



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