Spa Benefits

You'll appreciate a Sundance spa for how it relieves over worked muscles and rejuvenates sore joints. Your spouse will appreciate the benefits of a therapeutic massage in the privacy of your own backyard. The kids will appreciate their new spa because it's like recess, and everyone gets to talk at once.


Naturally Nurturing

Hydrotherapy is a technique that utilizes the natural properties of water to promote mental health and total relaxation. It's the perfect marriage of heat, buoyancy and massage.

Our spas deliver an incredible massage experience and give you as many choices in the variety and quality of massage than any other spa on the market. Sundance spas utilize a perfectly engineered system of jets, seating and controls in ways that bring out the beauty of hydrotherapy for the entire family.

Naturally Nurturing
Beautifully Engineered Beautifully Engineered

What does hydrotherapy really feel like?

The Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat may be the best place to find out.

Its form fitting ergonomic design, combined with two types of hydrotherapy jets, produces a massage that is both stimulating and relaxing.

Simply Relaxing

Simply relaxing in a spa can lessen stress as well as promote a good night's sleep. Which, in turn, can only mean one thing- ultimate productivity during that hectic workday of yours. And hydrotherapy isn't just for adults. Your kids can certainly appreciate it after a day at school or a soccer game.

Heat & Massage

Warm water increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins, and provides a natural feeling of well-being. By dilating blood vessels, heat also speeds the flow of blood to sore muscles and damaged tissue.

The rhythmic pressure of jet-driven water soothes away tension and muscle soreness. It increases circulation and accelerates your body's natural healing process.

Buoyancy BuoyancyBuoyancy

Water lifts pressure from muscles and joints, reducing your body weight. This pleasant sensation of weightlessness makes it easier to move around, not only during your hydrotherapy session but, more importantly, afterwards.