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The purpose of this form is to schedule all necessary work in advance to avoid delays as much as possible and to be sure that both our valued customers and Goodall Pools, Inc. understands what work will take place.  Please feel free to contact our service department for further questions at 717-774-6613.

Spring/Summer Service

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Includes removal of cover, assembly, and installation of accessories disassembled in the fall. Spring assembly DOES NOT INCLUDE vacuuming of the pool or the cost of adding chemicals. This service includes start-up of filter and heater* providing the pool is full of water (middle of skimmer) at the time of spring assembly and electric to the pool must be on upon our arrival. If an additional trip is necessary to make repairs or start-up the pool, a service call will be charged. PLEASE NOTE: IF, AT THE TIME OF REMOVAL, THE COVER HAS WATER AND/OR LEAVES ON THE SURFACE, AN ADDITIONAL $125 WILL BE CHARGED TO REMOVE WATER AND DEBRIS. THE COVER WILL BE RINSED AND FOLDED AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. COVER MAY BE WET. The fee for this service is $337.

The fee for this service is $398.

Spring start up includes:
A. Start up filter and heater and check operation
B. Remove winter plugs.
C. Install ladder and handrails
The fee for this service is $225 *Note: Additional heater service and/or cleaning will be billed for time and materials and should be requested prior to opening.

The fee for this service is $247

The fee for this service is $60.

The fee for this service is $60.

Includes BurnOut Extreme and BackUp or Algae All 60.