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Sign Up Now For Our Fall/Winter Pool Service:

The purpose of this form is to schedule all necessary work in advance to avoid delays as much as possible and to be sure that both our valued customers and Goodall Pools, Inc. understands what work will take place.  Please feel free to contact our service department for further questions at 717-774-6613.

Fall/Winter Service

(i.e. close my pool no sooner than the week of October 5th but no later than the week of October 24th.)
You may use the interactive calendar on the left to assist in finding dates.

Includes removal of necessary accessories (Diving board will NOT be removed at winterization). Plugs, Water Bags, chemicals or necessary equipment will be provided at an additional cost if required. NOTE: Water must be lowered to proper winter level (just below the bottom of the skimmer) prior to our arrival UNLESS you use winterizing skimmer plates. Should your pool require additional lowering of the water level $25.00 will be charged. This also includes covered pools. Pools already covered when we perform winterization service cannot have water present on cover. Additional charge of $125.00 will be added if pumping is required.

The fee for this service is $225

The fee for this service is $247

The fee for this service is an additional $65

Includes all of #1 PLUS putting the winter cover and filled water bags (if applicable) on pool. We will add the appropriate chemicals based on pool size at an additional charge. NOTE: Pool will be covered in the condition found upon our arrival.

The fee for this service is $337

The fee for this service is $398

The fee for this service is an additional $65

We will inspect filter parts for efficiency and remove filter media/element(s), clean the media/element(s) and return it to your home for a quick, clean start-up next spring. If any parts are needed to obtain maximum filter capability, you will be contacted and the cost of the parts will be an additional charge.
The fee for the filter maintenance service is $84

After the pool has been closed we are offering Winter Service for regular saftey cover customers. For safety covers: Application of shock and algaecide. lower water levels as necessary, check and re-tension springs and straps, check filter for icing and freeze problems. This service will be performed on two (2) separate occasions, depending on freeze conditions, over the winter season and includes the cost of chemicals. Service times subject to weather conditions.
The fee for the Winter Pool Watch service is $354

The fee for this service is $60.

The fee for this service is $60.