About Backyard Makeovers

Backyard MakeoversAt Goodall Pools and Spas we strive to be on the front end of progress in the pool industry.  We have consistently been the first in Central Pennsylvania to implement new building styles and ideas, as well as having brought into our area innovative products and new technologies that save both time and money.  This not only helps to make us the leading new-pool builder in the area, it also makes us uniquely qualified as pool renovation specialists.

We can work with your existing pool, no matter what type or how old, and transform it to make it safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, easier for you to maintain, and much more beautiful.  We at Goodall Pools and Spas can do everything from simple heating upgrades to complete renovations of the pool, patio area, landscaping and fencing.

Building Codes and various laws are constantly changing to reflect new information that becomes available regarding swimming pool safety.  Changes to the “standards” regarding diving area depth, underwater suction devices, and various building materials can require alterations to the pool.  Choosing to make these sort of changes will make your pool much safer for you, your family, and all of your friends and visitors.  Also, the insurance companies often look favorably upon projects that have been renovated in these ways.  Goodall Pools and Spas has trained staff that will be more than happy to discuss with you what might be done to increase the safety of your swimming pool.

Many recent advances in swimming pool technologies have also made older methods of maintaining the pool comparatively more expensive.  Goodall Pools and Spas offers a Mineral Springs system that greatly reduces the cost of more traditional chemical systems used for water treatment.  Likewise, solar heating systems and heat-pump pool heaters are much more cost-efficient than the traditional gas and propane heaters.  Other “money saving” items include variable speed pumps, specialty covers and automatic water levelers.  Please contact us regarding specific cost-effective options for your pool.

An additional benefit of changing to more energy efficient pool products is that very often they are more environmentally friendly as well.  Fewer chemicals used in the pool means fewer harsh pollutants to be disposed of.  For instance, older style sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters waste water and impact the surrounding plant and animal life through backwashing.  Also, DE powder is a listed carcinogen.  Alternative cartridge-type filters do not require DE powder or backwashing and have the added advantage of being much easier to use as well.  There are many other “green” products that we would love to introduce to you also!

Often older pools are also very time consuming and frustrating to maintain.  A number of new products in the market place can make pool maintenance much, much faster and easier.  Such things as automatic sanitation systems, liquid solar blankets, built-in cleaning systems and remote controls go a long way to making pool ownership much more fun and “hassle-free”.  Imagine your pool maintaining its own chemistry, cleaning itself, staying warm without having a solar cover taken on and off, not needing to constantly have its filter cleaned and even maintaining the proper amount of water – all on its own!  Hard to believe, perhaps, but these are only a few of the technological advances that can radically change the “chores” associated with swimming pool ownership.

Finally, our most popular renovation service is simply making the pool and surrounding area more beautiful.  Whether simply providing a “facelift” with a new liner, or going much further to re-work and enhance the entire area, the professional designers at Goodall Pools and Spas can transform your pool and its setting in amazing ways.  New liners, new and/or different steps into the pool, enhanced lighting, even size/shape/depth changes are all available.  The patio area/decking can be covered, re-finished, or completely changed.  Architectural features and water features can be added.  The landscaping, lighting, fencing and the entire ambiance can be completely rejuvenated.  Contact us today to see what we can do for YOU!

Click here for some before and after examples of the type of work we can do to give your backyard a makeover.