Why Crestwood

Crestwood's experts have created an on-ground / above-ground , real wood pool that exceeds all standards for strength and druability, while offering lasting beauty.  Crestwood's warranty, a unique combination of an initial 5-year Guarantee, followed by an additional 25-year Warranty.


Color Options

Color Options: Whether left natural or stained, you are assured of long lasting beauty for your CRESTWOOD pool. Select a stain that compliments your home, deck or landscaping motif. The choice of color is yours.

Real Wood ConstructionReal Wood Construction:  Derived from America's largest renewable resource, CRESTWOOD uses only the finest # 1 grade pressure treated, kiln dried southern yellow pine. All wood components are pre-machined and require no cutting or drilling during assembly. The unique interlocking pattern gives the CRESTWOOD a superior exterior finish and unparalleled strength. There are no flimsy metal walls to corrode or collapse.

The Patented Components make CRESTWOOD the Ultimate On-Ground Pool providing swimming pleasure that's truly affordable!

Cables: Galvanized steel aircraft cables are PVC-coated and provide 3 times the required strength necessary to support the pool. These incredibly durable cables give the CRESTWOOD its unique look and form a structure that is completely self-supporting.

Heavy Duty LinerCoping: White Double Track Liner Receptor & Coping Clips with UV Additive. The extruded PVC Coping is non-corrosive and treated with special UV protection. This exclusive coping makes installation and removal of the winter cover an easy task. No disassembly of the pool is required should the vinyl liner ever need to be replaced.

Heavy Duty Liner:
Warranted for 15 - years, this extra heavy, full 20 Mil. Virgin vinyl liner is guaranteed to take on any family. CRESTWOOD pools have an attractive tile border-print bottom linen.

CRESTWOOD's Patented Components Are Designed to Provide You with Years of Swimming Pleasure