Crestwood Sizes & Forms

Select from a 12' Round, 15' Round, 18' Round, 21' Round, 24' Round, 27' Round, 12' x 24' Oval, 15' x 30' Oval or a 18' x 33' Ova sized pool. Crestwood On-Ground / Above-Ground Pools are the most unique pools of their kind. Goodall Pools is the exclusive dealer of Crestwood Pools in this area.

Choose one of these fine pools from CRESTWOOD.

Crestwood Specs

Extended Season - The wall foam cushions the pool liner and enhances the natural insulating characteristics of the wood. As a result the R-value is five times higher than other on-ground pools, making CRESTWOOD the warmest, most enjoyable pool you can buy.

Crestwood Pool

Custom Winter Cover - CRESTWOOD's custom-fitted winter covers have proven durability. Each cover installs easily and completely seals out winter dirt and debris. Your pool will remain attractive throughout the year with minimal maintenance.

CRESTWOOD's unique combination of an initial 5-Year Guarantee, followed by an additional 25-Year Warranty is the most comprehensive in the industry. This extraordinary coverage reflects our commitment to superior design and workmanship.

CRESTWOOD utilizes only the finest quality materials.