About Aquatech


     The Aquatech Society of Pool Building & Retailing Professionals represents a nationwide membership comprised of hundreds of professionals who are involved in all aspects of the swimming pool industry. Standing together, these professionals are a powerful force in keeping the enjoyment of swimming pool ownership a national priority.

     Since its founding in 1962, the organization has grown into an elite group of pool builders and retailers who are truly dedicated to excellence. Goodall Pools became an Aquatech member the same way every member has since it was founded; we were invited. In order, to be invited to join we had to meet standards of stability and professionalism. The organization does not accept candidates who fail to satisfy customer expectations of design, budgets or deadlines. As a member, we must continue to attend training, and contribute to the future of the swimming pool industry.

     The barriers to becoming a member are in place so that when a home owner, anywhere in the country, finds an Aquatech builder, they can trust that they have found a pre-screened, highly qualified and knowledgeable professional. If the question is, “Can I trust this company?”… Aquatech is the answer.

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